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The Fairbairn Family of Petersfield


Richard Greene

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John Grey Fairbairn, who opened the store in Liphook Square in 1895 had ancestors tracing back to Penicuik in Scotland. Amongst his Great Great X Grandparents was James Fairbairn the Schoolteacher in Penicuik in the 1720/40 period. He was the first known of many Schoolteachers in the family.There were a number of John Grey Fairbairns in John's family. The Grey in the family comes from the marriage of George Fairbairn to Jean Grey in Penicuik in 1815.

Whilst James Fairbairn was the Schoolteacher in Penicuik he was better known for his role as Estate Factor/Accountant for Baron Clerk who owned the huge Penicuik Estate. James died in 1744. George and Jean shifted to England with John Grey Fairbairn being the Schoolteacher in Petersfield. Other early family members included John Fairbairn the bookseller in Edinburgh and the famous Gardener being John Fairbairn of Chelsea Botanical Garden from 1780 until he died in 1814.

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