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Landscape Character Type in Hampshire

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Map showing landscape character types in Hampshire. See full description below for character areas.


Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record


Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record


Archaeology and Historic Buildings Record

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Character Areas1. The ‘Hampshire downs’ is a remote and high chalk land forming a broad belt across Hampshire. It is predominantly arable and open with large and medium fields, but with woodlands particularly on the clay caps. 2. The ‘Mid Hampshire downs’ are lower parts of the chalk downs, and like (1) are dominated by arable. 3. The ‘South Hampshire Downs’ forms a high and prominent ridge, dominated by arable, well enclosed, with numerous woodlands.4. ‘Cranborne Chase’ is a small part of a larger area lying mostly outside Hampshire. It is high open chalk downland, with arable farmland and small valleys.5. The ‘North Hampshire Lowland and Heath’ is a generally low lying area with both arable and grazing in a wooded setting, many of which are ancient woodlands. It is a small scale landscape, with many old hedgerow, irregular fields and winding lanes. 6. The ‘Western weald Lowland and Heath’ is a distinctive, varied and complex area, with heathland, woodland and steep escarpments. It is a well enclosed landscape, with the land form reflecting the underlying geology.7. The ‘South Hampshire Lowland and Heath’ which is a well enclosed low lying area, with small scale enclosures and well wooded areas, with many ancient woodlands.8. The ‘New Forest Lowland and Heath’ has high open heathland plains with extensive tracts of woodlands. 9. The ‘New Forest Coast’ is a gently undulating coastal plain, with arable and an open and exposed coast. 10. The ‘South Hampshire Coast’ which is open gently undulating coastal plain with wooded valleys and much urban development.11. The ‘River Valleys’ of the Avon, Test, Itchen and Meon are shown in a light blue cutting through the landscape. They are often broad and open, with flood plain and arable.




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