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Havant History of the Spencer Family / Stents Gloves


Roberta H. Spencer

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My Paternal Grandmother Edith Emily Spencer (nee Eales) was the Forewoman at Stents Glove Factory during the First World War. My Aunt Emily Alice Spencer also worked there as a young woman. They lived at 2 Stanley Terrace, now known as 15 Lymbourne Road, Havant, where my Dad Frank Todman Spencer, was born in 1916 also later, his younger brother Fredrick Spencer (Fred). There were other women that lived in Lymbourne Road, employed at Stents, Mrs Madge Cresswell, or Crasswell, and others who's names I may recall later. My Father we believe was named after Frank Stent? Lady Pink was his Godmother and he went to Manor House Private School. My Grandfather, Thomas Spencer (Tom). Was a draftsman/builder and Foreman for Carolls, also based in the Carolls Yard near Homewell, he built and repaired houses in the area. My Grandad built or helped in the building of, The White Art Deco House on Portsdown Hill, he also re-roofed Havant Church at one time. My Dad said. To travel by horse and cart to get to his Grandparents home, Hodge Lodge Farm up at Butser Hill, from Green Pond, which was a pond for watering animals, and was on the opposite corner to the One Stop on the Havant to Emsworth Road, that it took all day, when he was a little boy. (Preparing images of Stents to upload)

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