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memories of goodworth clatford railway station


sue pickard(nee bevis)




After visiting St Peter's Church in Goodworth Clatford to put flowers on my Mother and Father's grave,I stopped off at the site of the old railway station. I grew up in one of the cottages opposite the Station House. I walked over to the river and noticed an information board showing some old photos of the station. One showed the signal box with Percy Paine's(the station master) black car parked below the signal box.

Another showed 3 children on the level crossing gates waiting for a train to go through. One of them was me, the other two were my childhood friends, Michael Matthews and Christopher Reeve. At that time we were the only children living at that end of the village and spent many hours over at the station. Percy used to let us go into the signal box and wind the wheel to open the level crossing gates, and issue tickets in the booking office to passengers.

My Father was a sailor until I was 5 (1950) and I can remember Mum letting me wait on the platform on my own for Dad to come home on leave. Percy would often tease me and say that he had had a message to say that Dad wasn't coming home, and I would say he was wrong and of course my Dad was on the train. Seeing that picture on the board brought back many happy memories of the station and of the river where we would catch minnows. I was also the last fare paying passenger to use the train before it closed


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