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Stubbington House, Stubbington

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View of Stubbington House School, Stubbington in a derelict state with parkland, about 1965.

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About 1965


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Hampshire Library and Information Service

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Stubbington House was an attractive Queen Anne building set in parkland. It became the home of the school founded by the Reverend William Foster, Curate of Crofton in 1841. He married Laura, the daughter of Admiral John Hayes and it was probably because of this that the school's connection with the navy began. By the time he died in 1866 his Academy was recognised as the school to which future entrants to the navy should go and had already produced one future admiral - Lord Charles Beresford. After his death his wife kept the school running, and when she died seven years later, it was taken over by their son Montague. In the beginning the school had just 10 pupils but by 1871 there were 21 boys and 3 teachers. The school was later enlarged still further. The school was visited every day by Dr Cade from Titchfield. The boys wore an Eton type jacket with long sleeves and a waistcoat. Their trousers were black and grey striped - long or short according to age. Caps bearing the MHF (Montague Henry Foster) school badge were worn. In winter bowlers were worn for church with boaters in the summer.Former pupils include Captain Robert Scott. The school was known locally as Fosters or Foster's School. It moved to Ascot in the 1960's and the building purchased by Fareham Council.Stubbington House was originally a square Queen Anne house with a mid Georgian fa├žade of 5 bays and 3 storeys in grey brick with red dressing and an open pedimented porch. It was surrounded by its park of about 50 acres of which about 25 were used by the school. The building was extended by Montague Foster by adding a new wing. The school was well equipped with a gymnasium, library, assembly hall with a badminton court and a stage, a science laboratory and 2 sanatoria. Hammond Hall was then dormitories for the school. Reference:1. Stubbington WEA Local History Group and Crofton Wome's Institute. 1984, A look at Stubbington -1850-1875, p.22-26.2. Emery, John. 1985. Fareham in old Picture Postcards, p.102.3. Stubbington and Hill head History Society. 1991. Reminiscences of Stubbington Village Life, p. 19.


Stubbington, Fareham Borough, Hampshire


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Reverend William Foster, Laura Foster, Lord Charles Beresford, Admiral John Hayes, Montague Foster, Robert Scott, Dr Cade, Stubbington House School

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